My education and career have been geared towards cinema for the best part of my life, however I have always been drawn towards photography. It all began in the 80’s when I began to take photographs of everything around me. I am glad to say that very little has changed since then. I avoid adhering to a specific style but prefer to work on more open themes: Landscapes, plants, flowers, places I visit, anonymous people…
Once you learn to look at the world through a viewfinder it’s hard not to take photos of everything around you. It is this world that surrounds me that I photograph everyday. Occasionally, when I travel I love to shoot the daily scenes of that place and the tiny little details that many ignore.
I love how photos have the ability to narrate and suggest and above all that I can control all of this right from the very moment I press the shutter to the final processing of the image. I adore simplicity, bareness and the emptiness that a photo can portray. To achieve all of this is my ultimate goal.


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